No pests at the poultry party!

Got some pesky pests and vile vermin hanging around your chicken coop? You and your girls may be laying out a tasty spread for them everyday without realising it! Pests and vermin are attracted to stray chicken feed. These dastardly creatures bring disease, noise and destruction with them on their journey to birdy buffet heaven. Keeping your food secure overnight in a treadle feeder with a lid is the best idea. If these nasty so-and-sos can’t get easy access to some fresh naughty nibbles they will slink away to grainy-er pastures! Good riddance!

Don’t rain on our food parade!

You work hard to bring home the best feed you can for your girls. So why do we let rain ruin that hard earned grain and grit? A treadle feeder will keep your girls sustenance soak-free when they are huddled in the coop during a rain shower. A feeder with a lid will also help prevent spillage and a grate above the feed will prevent messy raking from occurring – which means your girls can’t easily spread their feed all over the coop floor like a sugared up 3 year old in the cereal aisle.

Save that money!

Let’s not beat around the bush – chicken feed = cold hard dollary-doos. While chooks are by far one of the cheapest pets you can keep, no one wants to waste money replacing feed that has been spoiled by rain, mixed in with cheeky droppings or stolen by morally bereft wild birds, vermin or pests. A treadle feeder in conjunction with a secure chicken run and vermin and pest prevention measures like 10mm x 10mm mesh and hemp bedding will save you money in the long run and ensure your girls are happy and healthy. It’s a wing wing situation!

Winter Care

In Australia we are lucky to have a more mild Winter than most places on the map.So generally speaking, snow and freezing temperatures aren’t too much of an issue for most of us. However, there are still a few precautions to take to keep your chickens fighting fit through the cooler months of the year.

Summer Care

Cool Chicks: Chickens don’t cope particularly well with the heat, as they cannot regulate their body temperature when it gets particularly hot- they will ‘pant’ with their beaks open and hold their wings out and away from their body when the heat starts to get to them. To help keep them keep their cool, make sure they always have plenty of cool water and shade available. Clumsy chickens will often spill water bowls, so to be safe, have several sources and check and refill them on a regular basis. Shade can come in all forms- trees and vines are great to grow in the run for this reason- and they look great too!

Autumn Care

Need a chicken coop that can withstand all of Mother Nature’s harshest elements? Our chicken coops will have you and your chickens covered throughout the seasons- from Winter to Spring!