Winter Care

In Australia we are lucky to have a more mild Winter than most places on the map.So generally speaking, snow and freezing temperatures aren’t too much of an issue for most of us. However, there are still a few precautions to take to keep your chickens fighting fit through the cooler months of the year.

Frostbitten: Chickens with larger combs (especially roosters) do become more susceptible to frostbite in winter. Applying a petroleum jelly such as Vaseline to their combs and wattles is an easy fix.

Freezing Over: Sometimes, even in Australia, we will experience some very cold days which can lead to water freezing, cutting off your chickens water supply. Make sure waterers are emptied at night and refilled first thing in the morning, and checked throughout the day if it is particularly cold.

Home Sweet Home: Chickens are generally very hardy creatures and cope well with the colder temperatures, but just like humans, coming home to a warm bed after a long day is such a delight! Make sure your chickens have clean and dry nesting boxes with lots of bedding to snuggle into, in a draft-free area of the coop.

Lay off the Lay: In the cooler months, you will notice a drop in egg production- due to the shorter daylight hours. Despite this, make sure your chickens are still getting their daily essential nutrients, and a diet rich in protein.

Spring Care

Spring is such a wonderful month for chicken keeping- the garden is thriving, and the days are longer so your girls can begin laying again! There are just a few things to take care of during these months.

Discourage Broodiness: Spring is the time where pure breeds will think of breeding, and even without being fertile, hens may start showing signs of broodiness. It is best to discourage this behaviour early on by collecting eggs regularly so they can’t sit on them, and try to encourage them to get out of the nesting boxes and free range.

Summer Care

Summer in some parts of Australia can reach soaring temperatures that can put a lot of stress on your chickens, especially heavier and more feathered breeds. To make sure your chickens stay cool, calm and collected throughout the warmer months take into mind the following tips.

Cool Chicks: Chickens don’t cope particularly well with the heat, as they cannot regulate their body temperature when it gets particularly hot- they will ‘pant’ with their beaks open and hold their wings out and away from their body when the heat starts to get to them. To help keep them keep their cool, make sure they always have plenty of cool water and shade available. Clumsy chickens will often spill water bowls, so to be safe, have several sources and check and refill them on a regular basis. Shade can come in all forms- trees and vines are great to grow in the run for this reason- and they look great too!

Chilly Treats: Chilled watermelon, tomatoes, and frozen ice treats are great for spoiling your chickens on particularly hot days- keeping them cool, entertained and their tummies full! Like with all treats, be careful not to overdo it!

Beware of Mites: Although lice and mite prevention should be carried out all through the year, summer is the season when they are most prevalent, so keeping on top of it during these months is most important!

Autumn Care

Autumn is a more relaxed season for chicken keepers- a time to reflect and enjoy your girls company and what a wonderful year it has been together! Although there are still a few things to keep an eye on…